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Social Marketing

Social media advertising can be the perfect complement to your online communications strategy. Except when it's not. The key to avoiding a social media spending blunder is to avoid the buzz. We help non-profits figure out where the true ROI for their social marketing goals exist. From Event Promotion, Advocacy, Brand building & Awareness. We’re well versed in the ever changing subtleties of multiple platforms, and they do change regularly. All of these options have their place in our spreadsheet of digital options.

Facebook advertising works for a number of our client goals with promoted posts, geo targeted ads, event promotion & advocacy. With the ability to reach people in their newsfeed with a customized graphic call to action and narrow an audience down to a certain age group, gender, political or cultural interests is a powerful way to reach millions of people online every day.

Twitter targeting via hashtag can also be a useful tool to increase organizational awareness, test messaging, raise event attendance, magnify issue visibility. Twitter visitors do have short attention spans when it comes to average site visit, so we check analytics.

Linked In has the unique ability to target via job title &company as well as by interest. For organizations that want to reach out to every Science Teacher in Wisconsin, or everyone that works for, this is invaluable.

You Tube ads can be targeted in stream, in search, in slate, in display, by keyword, by category, by gender and more. If you want all the work you put into making a video to be seen by another hundred thousand people, that can also be done.

Other - We are always checking other options as they appear on the radar for our social media advertising, and make sure you get an honest apples to apples view of the value proposition each holds after the custom Gott Advertising hype filter is applied.