Gott Advertising

Online Advertising

Gott Advertising specializes in the buying online advertising for nonprofits in order to help them get the most for their money based on their targets and goals. As we discuss in various parts of this site, our experience covers a variety of venues. Core categories include Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Banner/Display Ads and Social Media placements. We buy a wide spectrum of these in order to find out what works well, and optimize toward the best result. We share and compare your results so it's not just a spreadsheet full of advertising gibberish, code words and acronyms.

Keywords - We love researching, testing, buying & quantifying the value of thousands of words every day for our clients.

Banners/Display - We buy banners mostly on the Google Network as we have total control, complete transparency & the option to bid at whatever price we recommend in their auction system for hundreds of thousands of sites. Direct publisher buys are not very optimizable, are more expensive, as well as have a higher minimum commitment. When we buy, nonperforming sites get axed.

Email - Sometimes called Chaperoned Emails, or Eblasts, or Sponsorship Emails, this can be a great list rental tactic to reach people with a story that's 3 paragraphs instead of 3 lines.

Social Media - As we cover in another section, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube can be important parts of a campaign strategy.

"Gott Advertising is smart, fast and helps us get critical information in front of the right people"

- Oliver Bernstein, National Communications Strategist, Sierra Club

THE BIG POINT - of this, is that we take all these various forms of online advertising, run campaigns based on our experience & your campaign goals, and try to improve performance weekly.