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Google Grants

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We feel that Google Grants is the most generous program available for qualifying 501c3 organizations to drive new visitors and new knowledge to their website.

Whether you've had the Grant for years, or are just getting started, we can work with your organization to clarify the rules, learn best practices & run it like an expert.

Not Just Adwords lite.

Google Grants is a product offering that looks and smells just like Google Adwords, yet it has special rules, which do change on a fairly regular basis.

  1. Most Grants are based on a $333 a day spending limit, with no rollover dollars. We prefer that you use it rather than lose it.
  2. The bidding limit per keyword has been raised to $2. Surprisingly, it's not always in your best interest to bid the most you can.
  3. Paid accounts on Adwords have priority over Grants accounts. We find strategies to work around those competitive limits.

'Gott Advertising helped us get the most out of our Google Grant. By understanding the keywords our audience searched for, we were able to ensure they saw our specialized content we knew was of interest to them!'

- Dori Maynard, President - Maynard Institute

It's fairly easy to Apply for a Google Grant, after you've been accepted in the Google for Non Profits program. We like to start at the finish line and work backwards to the keywords & text ads. When a new visitor gets to your site, what exactly would you like them to do? Take an advocacy action? Download a PDF? Watch a Video? Get the lowdown on the basics of your organizational goals? Attend an event in their hometown? The keywords you want to buy should match the keywords on that page. The ad copy that will get the best response will match the call to action and/or the headline on that page. Maybe the keywords you think your audience is using differ from how they are actually searching for your topic/issue. Let's listen, learn & iterate.


  • Connect your Google Analytics account to your Adwords so you can focus on keywords that create higher quality visits.
  • Test Test Test. Try different keywords, ads & landing pages in order to increase the conversion percentages.
  • Incorporate learnings into your SEO strategy. If red triangles become more popular than green triangles, make updates!

We work with clients on a month to month retainer basis for Google Grants & provide weekly reports & optimization recommendations. Whether you need a powerful short term learning engagement, or long term account management, we love helping you get the most out of this amazing program.

Case Study

This will be a case study about Google Grants. It's about quantity & quality.

For one specific client, they started out fresh without any knowledge of the program. Gott Advertising was able to show them which knobs to turn on the Adwords dashboard, and why to where to turn them in an initial training.

That was the initial point of learning from where we could start listening in a bigger way to what the search terms were telling us. We also test messaging, and landing page concepts and campaign themes based on where opportunities surface. Way beyond 1 way communication, it's more like the CNSY album, 4 Way Street, you know the one...

  • Problem - Driving a very low day click volume. Solution - More KWs, Ads, Ad Groups
  • Problem - Low Quality KW scores. Solution - Narrow Ad Group Focus, Match KWs & LPs
  • Problem - Low Ad CTRs. Solution - Review LP Copy & High Volume KWs for Revised Ads

The beauty of the program and understanding how best to use it is much more than a few free clicks to our home page. It's high volume traffic of new visitors, big listening opportunities about our content and our issues, promotion of our events and organization as a whole each season.